• Sitters
    Pet sits are performed by Jason Hofmann (the owner of 203 Pet Service LLC, hereafter referred to as 203PET) and by independent contractors or employees (STAFF) on behalf of 203PET. All STAFF used by 203PET have successfully passed our background check, and are covered by our liability insurance and bonding when performing visits on behalf of 203PET. Although it is the intention of 203PET to notify clients in advance which sitter will be performing visits, it is understood that on occasion it may be necessary to substitute one pet sitter for another without prior notification to or meeting with the client.  Regardless of who performs the visits, 203PET and any pet sitters working on behalf of 203PET will make every effort to provide care as requested and at the approximate visit time requested by the client.
    Our STAFF are under contract with 203PET, and are prohibited from accepting service requests of any kind directly from 203PET clients during and for up to two years after the completion of their contract. Attempting to solicit them for any reason will not only force your sitter into an uncomfortable position, but can also result in termination of your service with 203PET. Clients are always responsible for payment to 203PET when service is rendered by a sitter under contract with 203PET.