• Home Care
    Reasonable effort will be made to clean up messes caused by client’s pets that are found by the pet sitter with cleaning materials provided by the client. 203PET is not responsible for damage to carpets, rugs, floors, plants or lawns caused by pets or inappropriate cleaning products. Unless there is proven negligence on the part of the pet sitter, the client waives any and all claims against 203PET.
    Summer – While we are happy to water up to three or four indoor plants while caring for your pets, we cannot be responsible for any lawn & garden care beyond that. Our goal & focus is the care of your pets, and time spent out in the yard on landscaping takes away from the time we can spend with your pets. Please be aware that plant care will be performed only in the manner requested by the client, and that 203PET is not responsible for plants that wilt or die.
    Winter – For the safety of our sitters & your pets, we ask that you keep your home accessible for us by shoveling and/or putting down ice melter at the door we use for entry (preferably the pet-safe type if your animals will walk on it as well). 203PET does not provide snow/ice removal service, but we do recommend that anyone going out of town makes arrangements for snow removal in the event of a large storm.